Mango, Passionfruit, Lime & Thyme Spritzer | Nadia Felsch

Mango, Passionfruit, Lime & Thyme Spritzer

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I realised recently that I haven’t consumed alcohol since November 2016. This has been both unintentional and conscious at the same time. An odd sentence I know but one that actually makes this former calorie-counter and food obsessor very happy. The last drink that I had wasn’t a terrible experience by any stretch of the […]

Pistachio Milk | Nadia Felsch

Pistachio Milk

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Whether it’s about allergies, intolerances or simply preference – nut milks are certainly here to stay. It seems that they’re not just in specialty stores and cafes anymore either, though in large chain supermarkets too. But what about making your own? Is it hard? Time-consuming? Only for ‘those’ people? Straight up – no. And like […]

Rose, Chocolate & Berry Smoothie | Nadia Felsch

Rose, Chocolate & Berry Smoothie

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There’s just something about rose. The smell. The look. The idea even, if I dare to say so. And it’s in this past week that I’ve rediscovered all of those truths. You see, I’m not the kind of person with a bathroom vanity or kitchen pantry full of unknown items from 2007. I am however […]

Sparkling Iced Tea | Nadia Felsch

Sparkling Iced Tea

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Seasons and drinks. That’s a thing right? It’s not just me? As in, drinking hot tea during our harsh Aussie summers? Or drinking iced drinks in cold winters? Warming up with warm drinks in the cooler months and cooling down with cold drinks in the warmer months makes complete sense to me. So with that […]

Breakfast Smoothie | Nadia Felsch

Raspberry & Coconut Breakfast Smoothie

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Breakfast is quite literally, breaking the fast. When we wake in the morning, our blood sugars are low and in order to have the energy, focus and all else that we require for the day ahead, a nutritious breakfast is crucial. For anyone struggling with over-eating or making less-than-ideal food choices, breakfast is your best friend […]

Veggie Detox Juice | Nadia Felsch

Veggie Detox Juice

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Including the term detox in this post title kind of makes me cringe. Detox has become one of those awfully over-used and mis-applied words in our society. Slapped onto, it seems, almost any product appealing to the health-aware among us. In this instance, it indeed has a purpose. We can consider the liver as our body’s front […]

Hot Chocolate | Nadia Felsch

Hot Chocolate Love

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Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Winter warming and dare I say soul food? For years my dear grandmother used to make me hot chocolate in winter and I have the best memories of that. So this is my attempt to make it at home when I didn’t have a store bought option on hand. Controversy […]

Winter Elixir | Nadia Felsch

Winter Elixir

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The more in tune with my body that I become, the more I notice the seasons. Moreover, how the seasons feel and how my body feels in them. As the temperatures have well and truly dropped now in Sydney, my body and it’s instincts have adapted. Living a whole(foods) life has meant those instincts are […]

Refreshing Flavoured Water

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I’ve always loved water. Fancy, colourful, milky and even carbonated drink varieties could never sway me away from my first true love and yes I do realise this makes me rather odd. Or does it? The human body is made up of between 50% to 75% water. Can you even comprehend how much water that is? Water forms the […]

Green Dream – The Perfect Green Juice

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You know how it goes. Eat more green vegetables for optimal health. We’ve been hearing that message since we were kids and I’m not going to be the one to say differently because it’s certainly true. Fibre. Energy. Antioxidants. Vitamins. Nature’s Detox. When you choose to juice your green vegetables there are some top tips to […]

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