Food and Body Freedom #9 Break Free From Dieting with Alexis Conason


There are standout skills and their value that come to mind when supporting clients to break free from dieting. Specifically, mindfulness as the foundation to awareness of our thoughts and patterns and moving beyond what we want to change. As well as becoming more connected to our bodies again. And self-compassion as the gentle and positive support to see us through these changes, through the ups and downs of human existence.

This episode explores:

  • what mindfulness is and isn't
  • how mindfulness is the foundation to moving beyond negative thoughts about food and body
  • the support mindfulness brings in body connection moving away from dieting
  • where to begin with a mindfulness practice and make it stick!
  • what self-compassion is and it's power in food and body peace
  • exploring practice and not perfect

Resources mentioned:

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