Food and Body Freedom #6 Building Better Body Image


Body image is commonly thought of as how we view the way that we look. The perception we have of our appearance. Yes, that’s part of body image and also not the full picture. Most hopefully, building better body image has zero to do with changing how you look. 

This episode explores:

  • body image
  • body image healing
  • positive body image
  • the power of our own body image story
  • the structures reinforcing these body stories
  • 5 practical prompts to start unpacking and moving forward for yourself

Resources mentioned:

  • Seeking professional support 
  • 5 practical prompts including
    • What is your earliest memory of noticing your body?
    • What is your own story?
    • What structures reinforce this story?
    • What does it look like to have a more peaceful relationship with your body?
    • What resources can you begin, or continue, to access to move beyond these stories?

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