Module 1 How We Got Here
Unit 1 Welcome  
Unit 2 How we got here  
Unit 3 How you got here  
Unit 4 What you’ve been left with  
Unit 5 Where you want to go  
Unit 6 What’s around you  
Unit 7 What about your weight  
Unit 8 BONUS - overcoming fatphobia with Vinny Welsby  
Module 2 Come Back to Your Body
Unit 1 Coming back to connection  
Unit 2 Diving into hunger  
Unit 3 What’s in the way of connection  
Unit 4 Radical self-care  
Unit 5 The core skills to practise  
Module 3 Unlearning Harmful Food Beliefs
Unit 1 Challenging food rules and ideals  
Unit 2 Bringing all foods to the table  
Unit 3 Navigating medical conditions and religious or ethical food beliefs  
Module 4 Learning Supportive Food Beliefs
Unit 1 Redefining eating  
Unit 2 Reclaiming satisfaction  
Unit 3 Diving into fullness  
Unit 4 When eating feels emotional  
Module 5 Unpacking Your Body Story
Unit 1 How we got here  
Unit 2 Your body as resistance  
Unit 3 Navigating bad body image moments  
Unit 4 BONUS - language and body liberation history with Vinny Welsby  
Module 6 Redefining Health and Wellbeing
Unit 1 Redefining health and wellbeing  
Unit 2 Eating for health promotion  
Unit 3 Practically pursuing health and wellbeing  

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