Module 1 PART ONE
Unit 1 Start here  
Unit 2 The true culprit in your body image 20 mins  
Unit 3 Your weight journey 9 mins  
Unit 4 Your desire for a smaller body 11 mins  
Module 2 PART TWO
Unit 1 What body image and acceptance really are 10 mins  
Unit 2 Moving past the harm done to you 10 mins  
Unit 3 Changing your reality for body peace 14 mins  
Unit 4 Clothes and your wardrobe 3 mins  
Unit 5 Radical self-care as body image protection 9 mins  
Unit 6 Getting to know your nervous system 5 mins  
Unit 7 Untangling internalised weight-bias bonus workshop with Vinny Welsby 70 mins  
Unit 8 The truth about weight bonus masterclass with Nadia 35 mins  
Unit 1 Aligning to your values for greater fulfilment 3 mins  
Unit 2 What to do in tough moments 5 mins  
Unit 3 Fulfilling your needs without blaming your body 10 mins  
Unit 4 Emotional up-skilling to cope better 3 mins  
Unit 5 Self-compassion for self-acceptance 7 mins  

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