Inspiration Insider | Amanda Bisk

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Another volume of Inspiration Insider has arrived. Another opportunity for me to showcase the immense talent, passion and awesomeness of others in the wellbeing space – I love doing this! I love it because no matter what level your wellness journey is at, inspiration never hurts for any of us. Inspiration can come in many […]

Peace and Kindness for a Healthier Body

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Peace and kindness. Until recently I would have said these words were fairly overrated in their use. Now? Well now, I couldn’t speak their praise enough. The first way that I mean this is within. Finding peace and kindness for and of yourself is quite possibly the greatest challenge that you can face, also without […]

Inspiration Insider | Megan Yonson

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The universe can be a very funny place and if you had told me that the people who I find inspiring, genuine and all-around fabulous on social media platforms would become my friends…. well I think you know how this goes. The fact however, is that this exact phenomenon has occurred! Doing what I love, […]

The thing that made my workouts even more amazing

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This month Fitness First challenged me to supercharge my health and fitness in celebration of Australian Fitness Week. I was super excited and for 2 main reasons: Although I am a good self-motivater, an outside challenge is a wonderful opportunity to find new possibilities A fab excuse to splurge on this and this – two items that I have been wanting for a while […]

The truth behind that 6-pack

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This is a post that in so many ways, I have been trying to write for 6 months. It starts with a girl who ate whatever she wanted and lived her life, moves on to a girl who cried herself to sleep starving and full of anxiety, and ends (for now) with a girl who […]

How to boost your wellbeing

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We all have bad days. Days that are tougher than others. I’m the first to admit that I have really bad days. For no apparent reason I can wake up in the morning and feel that my day ahead will be doomed. It may be centred around the thought that my life isn’t tracking as […]

Outside of our comfort zone

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Apparently this is a highly beneficial thing to do; for all of us. How often do we do it though? Sometimes stepping outside of our comfort zone feels like pulling teeth and not anything we look forward to. Though anytime that you have tried something new, how good did it feel? This could not be […]

Why your body could be the ultimate weight

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“I’ve stopped weight training as my shoulder, neck and wrist are killing me day and night.” No matter your age, have you said words like this before? Felt injured, consistently sore and aching? This particular line was recently spoken to me by a dear friend who is in her mid 60’s; a fit and healthy […]

Precious bodies

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As discussed previously in this post; it is often not until we experience a negative that we learn and adapt. Such is life and human nature. For me, nowhere is this more prevalent than in regard to our bodies. In just one slice of your kitchen knife your hand could be forever effected. With one slip […]

Movement for the body & mind

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Yesterday I was reminded of the value in moving your body and stimulating your senses in new and varied ways. As I am between strength programs this week and focusing on body weight work; I took the opportunity to attend 2 yoga classes. Having not regularly practiced yoga for several years I found it fascinating […]

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