What’s always inside my fridge | Nadia Felsch

What’s always inside my fridge

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This post is brought to you by Bupa   I’m often called crazy. Or asked, “how I do it all?” There’s the whole full-time university commitment, part-time work for another great business and then running my own 2 businesses. Not to mention exercising, playing with the puppies, seeing loved ones and enjoying *some time out. […]

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Starting My Year With a Plus

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How many times do us modern-day humans set resolutions when a new year rolls around? Now it seems that there’s as many posts, articles and stories about resolutions as there are about breaking them! As I’ve shared since arriving home from Bali where we spent 2 weeks over NYE unplugged and off the grid, it became […]


5 lessons you can learn from the way I eat

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Eating food. Something that most of us do several times a day. For energy, for nutrition, for growth, for health, for pleasure. The reasons are varied and mostly, separated. Because the reality is that for most of the population, eating for health is not the same as eating for pleasure. One can not be the other right? […]

Chicken Noodle Soup | Nadia Felsch

Why you need to forget about Monday

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How many diets start on a Monday? How many gym memberships are signed on a Monday? How many rules, rituals and guidelines are set up to be adhered to starting next Monday? And how many of these same things are nowhere to be seen by Wednesday or Thursday? Think about this in your own life. How […]

3 Items My Kitchen Can't Live Without | Nadia Felsch

3 items my kitchen can’t live without

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I want to start this post out very clearly, and that’s by telling you that I don’t own a microwave nor a toaster. And haven’t for a number of years. Despite developing recipes for a living, I’m all about less is more in the kitchen (and everywhere else too). I love having clean spaces and essentially, […]

Nadia Felsch

My (secret) skinny craving

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I remember being a kid and like most kids, crossing my legs in a seated position almost all of the time. I also remember when I first looked down at my legs and realised that when I crossed my legs, mine didn’t look like others {or rather they did however I didn’t notice that fact.} Instead I […]

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Does cooking make you healthier?

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You can’t drink coffee or alcohol. Dairy and sugar are off the menu. And gluten? Are you kidding?! Forget about it! There’s apparently an ideal way to order at your local café, and it includes cashew milk piccolo lattes made from organic, $1000/kg coffee beans. You browse websites, books and social media platforms looking for ‘regular person’ inspiration […]

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5 Lessons I Learnt That Changed The Way I View Food

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I’ve talked openly about my previous war with food, and with myself. Although there could be a sadness inserted to the above line, I instead choose to see things differently. And in this case, my disordered experience with food and eating has directly brought to me the most abundant and glowing health. The lessons that […]

10 Tips to Wholesome Eating | Nadia Felsch

3 Simple Ways to Live Healthier Today

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We could all do with some extra inspiration when it comes to what and how we eat. With so many food and diet myths out there, I’m all about keeping things simple, delicious + nutritious. Yes it can be that easy. Too many times I hear about how complicated, expensive and intimidating a healthy lifestyle is. […]

Bali Travel Guide: Part Three

Healthy Guide to Bali Part Three: Ubud

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When first planning our month sojourn to the island paradise of Bali there was one very clear vision that I planned to bring to life. Just as I mentioned in Part One, this trip for us was very much about feeling at home and doing what we love most. Taking it easy, exploring, wandering, practicing […]


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