Winter Elixir | Nadia Felsch

Winter Elixir

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The more in tune with my body that I become, the more I notice the seasons. Moreover, how the seasons feel and how my body feels in them. As the temperatures have well and truly dropped now in Sydney, my body and it’s instincts have adapted. Living a whole(foods) life has meant those instincts are […]

Autumnal Salad | Nadia Felsch

Autumnal Salad

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When talking to a new client last week, something came up around using seasonal ingredients. Moreover, how to maximise seasonal ingredients within your weekly shop. For both efficiency and budgetary reasons. Although it now seems like second nature to me, I realised this certainly wasn’t always the case and I really wanted to show you how to […]

Easy Banana Bread

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I have a fairly serious love for banana bread. Chilly days (or any days let’s be real), warming cups of tea and freshly baked, glorious banana bread. So much yes to that. Besides what else do you do with stinky, overripe bananas? I’ve been making this recipe since 2015 and it initially took me a whole heap of […]

Coconut & Blueberry Chia Pudding | Nadia Felsch

Coconut & Blueberry Chia Pudding

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Breakfast. Either the thorn in your side or the meal you look forward to the most. This outlook can be completely determined by what you have waiting for you each day. Is there something delicious and pre-prepared in the fridge? Or do you need to scramble to create breakfast and often end up leaving the […]

Wholefood Cooking Workshops

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Over the past 2+ years working in this wonderful industry, I’ve come to find what I do best. How my skills most support you. Simple, Delicious and Nutritious wholefood recipes for busy women. The kind of food that makes you and your body happy, the kind of recipes that leave you unfrazzled and a philosophy […]

Chicken San Choy Bow | Nadia Felsch

Easy Chicken San Choi Bao

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I’ve never been a fan of long shopping lists for a recipe and I think this is why I eat so many salads! When I create a recipe with more than a handful of ingredients, there’s one strict caveat… It must be capable of turning into other dishes & leftovers. Let’s get real here, if […]

Simple, Vegan Cacao Mousse

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The first time I attempted to create a vegan and raw chocolate mousse was an epic failure. Actually to the point of spitting it out, apologies for the crass-ness there…. though seriously it was that bad. Fast forward to a bazillion times made later and I can share with you the secret to perfect vegan cacao […]

Grilled Peach, Fennel & Bacon Salad

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Yes you read correctly. Bacon. There’s a first time for everything and this is the first time that bacon has ever featured on this blog (and any of my published work for that matter). Why? 2 reasons. 1. Bacon is controversial 2. I didn’t like it How did I end up creating a recipe with […]

Green Omlette

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Sometimes you just know that you need to eat more vegetables. Especially of the green variety right? As the weather warms up in the southern hemisphere, the layers come off however the remnants of heavier eating in the cooler months often remain. It seems a fairly accepted truth that vegetables are easier and more enticing […]

The Died and Gone To Heaven Chocolate Thickshake

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There are few things as nostalgic to most people than a thick shake. It is a calling to a time long gone and hopefully to a way of eating that’s in the past as well. Unfortunately the thick in most thick shakes include a long list of less-than-ideal choices for our bodies to thrive, that includes processed […]


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